League Bylaws

Eastern Premier Soccer League 





101. Name.

The name of this League shall be Eastern Premier Soccer League, Inc.


102. Purpose.

The purpose of this league shall be to foster, organize and administer high quality amateur soccer competition for the physical and moral benefit of the participating players together with the protection of the interests of the affiliated clubs.


103. Headquarters.

The headquarters of this League shall be designated by the Executive Board.


104. Affiliation.

This League shall be affiliated with the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and such USASA member organizations as determined by the membership, through which it is affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). It shall recognize the authority, rulings and bylaws of these organizations.


105. Dissolution.

In the event of a complete and final dissolution of this League, all League assets at the time of the final and complete dissolution shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of a future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government.





201. Membership.

Section 1. This League shall enter into agreements with USSF affiliated leagues (“feeder leagues”) allowing the champions of those feeder leagues or, in case of multiple feeder leagues within a certain geographical area, the winner of a playoff of the champions of those feeder leagues, to be members of this League subject to terms and conditions set forth more fully in these Bylaws and any rules, agreements between the League and feeder leagues, or policies or rules promulgated by the Executive Board of the League. 


Section 2. Any member club finishing in a relegation position, as determined by the Executive Board, shall forfeit its membership and return as a member of a feeder league. 


Section 3. This League may also award membership to other non-feeder league USSF affiliated clubs by a two-third vote of the General Council. Any such membership is subject to any terms and conditions established by the Executive Board and cannot in any way be in contradiction of any agreements that this League has entered into with any feeder leagues. 


Section 4. The member clubs may be organized in geographical conferences at the discretion of the Executive Board. Each conference may be administered by the feeder leagues of the clubs competing in those conferences. The conferences can establish policies or budgets and can be administered as long as not in contravention of any Bylaws or rules or policies of this League.


Section 5. League Acceptance of a new member club either via Section 1 (promotion from a Feeder League) or Section 3 (Executive Board vote) above shall be by Action of the Executive Board under such mechanism as the Board establishes which may be set forth in League policies. Any such membership in the League is subject to any terms and conditions established by the Board, these Bylaws, and any League rules or policy documents in effect.


202. Membership Dues.

Each member club shall pay yearly membership dues set by the Executive Board. 


203. Guarantee.

Each member club shall post a deposit guarantee of $1,000.00 with this League at the time of admission, which shall serve as security for the fulfillment of all obligations, financial or otherwise, towards the League. This guarantee shall be forfeited unless the club remains a member of this League or a feeder league for at least three years. 


204. Duties and Administration of Clubs.

Section 1. All clubs are required to keep orderly records of their finances and meetings. The Executive Board shall have the right to inspect these records. Changes in the offices of President, Secretary, primary club contact, or mailing address must be reported immediately to the Secretary of this League.


Section 2. Clubs are responsible for the conduct of their players, officials and spectators at all league matches and sanctioned events.


205. Inspection of Books & Records.

The member clubs shall have the right to inspect the books of this League within ten (10) days of a demand being made.


206. Good Standing.

Member clubs must remain in good standing in their respective State Association and feeder league. 





301Function of the General Council.

This league shall be governed by the General Council.


302. Members of the General Council.

The General Council shall consist of:

  1. Official club representatives from each League conference.
  2. Official representatives of each feeder league.
  3. All Executive Board members of this League.            

303. Decisions of General Council. 

Resolutions, decisions and amendments to the Bylaws and procedural policies and rules by the General Council shall be binding upon all member clubs, until they are rescinded, reconsidered or varied by a vote taken at another General Council Meeting.


304. Voting.

Voting shall proceed as prescribed below:

  1. Each League conference shall have two (2) representatives representing clubs from that particular conference. Each conference representative shall be entitled to (1) vote.  
  2. Each feeder league shall be entitled to (1) vote if one to three clubs in this League originate from that feeder league and two (2) votes if four or more clubs originate from that feeder league, for a maximum of two (2) votes.
  3. Each Executive Board member shall be entitled to one vote, except in an election of an Executive Board member.   

An individual eligible to vote in more than one capacity may only vote in one of those capacities as selected by that individual. 


305. Regular Meetings.

Section 1. The General Council of this League shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). 


Section 2. Notice of a regular meeting, including the AGM, shall be mailed or emailed by the Secretary of this League to each member of the General Council at least thirty (30) days before the date of the meeting. 


Section 3. The order of business at the AGM shall be as follows: 

1) Roll call  

2) Credentials

3) Approval of minutes

4) Reports of officers and committees

5) Unfinished business

6) Amendments to the Bylaws and policies

7) Elections

8) New business

9) Good and welfare

10) Adjournment


Section 4.  Any business item to be presented at a regular meeting of the General Council must be submitted in writing or by email to the Secretary of this League at least thirty (30) days before the meeting. In urgent cases and upon a two-thirds majority vote, the General Council may agree to consider such a business item not submitted on time. 


306. Special Meetings.

Section 1. A special meeting of the General Council may be called at any time by: 

  1. The Executive Board; or 
  2. Written request to the Secretary of this League by members representing more than fifty (50%) percent of the vote of the General Council.

Section 2. A special meeting shall be held within thirty (30) days of such valid request. Notice of a special meeting shall be mailed or emailed by the Secretary of this League to each member of the General Council at least fourteen (14) days before the date of the meeting. 


307. Quorum.

A quorum at any meeting of the General Council shall be more than fifty (50%) percent of the total number of votes eligible to be cast. 


308. Robert’s Rules of Order.

Except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws, all meetings of this League shall be conducted in accordance with the latest authorized edition of Robert's Rules of Order.


309. Meetings by Electronic or Telephonic Means.

This League shall be permitted to conduct any meeting, including General Council meetings, by electronic or telephonic means. 





401. Composition of Executive Board

The members of the Executive Board of this League shall be:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Two Trustees 
  6. One representative of USASA Region 1

402. Election and Duties of Officers.

Section 1. President. 

(a) The President of this League shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, for the duration of two (2) successive AGM cycles, in even numbered years.

(b) The President shall:

1) Administer the affairs of this League with the concurrence of the Executive Board and ensure the proper administration of the policies and rules; 

2) serve as liaison between this League and national and state governing bodies;  

3) serve as the chairman of all meetings of the General Council and the Executive Board;

4) establish committees and appoint committee member in accordance with these Bylaws; and 

5) serve as the general representative of this League at all USSF, USASA, Regional Council and state association meetings.


Section 2. Vice President. 

(a) The Vice President of this League shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, for the duration of two (2) successive AGM cycles, in odd numbered years.

(b) The Vice President shall:

1) Assist the President of this League; 

2) assume the chair in the absence of the President; 

3) serve as a general representative of this League in the absence of the President; 

4) initiate a first-level attempt to solve problems submitted by feeder leagues working directly with the feeder leagues to help them solve institutional and administrative problems that occur; and 

5) perform other duties assigned by the Executive Board or these Bylaws.


Section 3. Secretary. 

(a) The Secretary of this League shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, for the duration of two (2) successive AGM cycles, in odd numbered years.

(b) The Secretary shall:

1) Ensure that proper notice of all meetings is given; 

2) ensure an accurate recording and publishing of General Council and Executive Board meetings; 

3) ensure that the files and records of this League are properly maintained; 

4) attend to all correspondence of this League;

5) supervise the operations of the League office; and 

6) perform other duties assigned by the Executive Board or these Bylaws.


Section 4. Treasurer. 

(a) The Treasurer of this League shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, for the duration of two (2) successive AGM cycles, in even numbered years.

(b) The Treasurer shall:

1) Ensure the keeping of full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements of this League; 

2) ensure the preparation of financial statements on a quarterly basis and their transmittal to all members within 30 days after the end of the reporting period; 

3) secure an independent review of financial accounts and transactions of this League; 

4) assist the Executive Board in establishing a proposed budget and serve; and

5) perform other duties assigned by the Executive Board or these Bylaws.


Section 5. Trustees. 

(a) Each Trustee shall be elected for a term of two (2) successive AGM cycles. One Trustee (A) shall be elected in even-numbered years; the other (B) shall be elected in odd-numbered years.

(b) The Trustees shall:

1) Serve as a member of any committee as designated by the President; and

2) perform other duties assigned by the Executive Board or these Bylaws.


Section 6. USASA Region 1 Representative. 

(a) The USASA Region 1 Representative shall serve at pleasure of USASA Region1 Board of Directors.

(b) The USASA Region 1 Representative shall:

1) Ensure that this League is in compliance with all USSF, USASA and relevant state association policies and procedures; and

2) perform other duties assigned by the Executive Board or these Bylaws


403. Premature Withdrawal of Members from the Executive Board. 

Except with regard to the USASA Regional Representative, when a member of the Executive Board of this League resigns or dies before the end of his or her term or there is otherwise a Vacancy, the Executive Board shall be empowered to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting of this League. 


404. Meeting of Executive Board. 

A meeting of the Executive Board shall have a quorum when at least one-half of the voting members of the Board are present. All decisions are determined by a majority vote. The Executive Board shall be permitted to conduct any meeting by electronic or telephonic means. 


405. Authority of the Executive Board.

The Executive Board shall have the power and privileges necessary for the administration of the affairs and business of this League, including but not limited to:

1) Enforce the Bylaws, rules, policies and procedures of this League;

2) establish policies and procedures with regard to all league competitions;

3) establish conferences and other sub-divisions of this League;

4) determine the nature of any playoff or postseason competitions;  

5) enter into agreements with feeder leagues in accordance with these Bylaws;

6) hire a League Commissioner, staff and other employees who are not members of the Executive Board.

7) approve all marketing, promotional and sponsorship agreements of this League;

8) perform the day-by-day activities necessary to maintain this League in operation within the financial limits set by the current budget; 

9) decides on interpretations of the rules and regulations and make decisions on matters not covered by the Bylaws or by policies or rules; and 

10) take other governance and oversight actions as may be required


406. Committees.

Section 1. The Executive Board may create such committees with such powers as it deems wise to have. However, the Board may not delegate to committees the following powers:

1) The power to amend the bylaws; 

2) the power to amend articles of incorporation; 

3) the power to approve dissolution, merger, or transfer of assets of this League; and 

4) the power to take any action that requires approval of the Executive Board by law. 


Section 2The President, with the consent of the majority of Executive Board, shall appoint the following standing committee: Arbitration Board. This committee shall consist of three disinterested individuals who will rule on any allegation of an infringement of the playing rules. 


407. Conflict of Interest Policy.

The Executive Board shall adopt a conflict of interest policy that covers Executive Board members, staff members, and volunteers with significant decision-making authority with respect to the resources of this League. The conflict of interest policy should identify the types of conduct or transactions that raise conflict of interest concerns, set forth procedures for disclosure of actual or potential conflicts, and should provide for review of individual transactions by the uninvolved Board members. Approval by the disinterested Executive Board members shall be by vote of a majority of Board members in attendance at a meeting at which a quorum is present.  An interested party shall not be counted for purposes of determining whether a quorum is present, nor for purposes of determining what constitutes a majority vote of the Board members in attendance.  The policy should also require that the minutes of the meeting shall reflect that the conflict disclosure was made, the vote taken and, where applicable, the abstention from voting and participation by the interested party. 





501. Non-Discrimination.

This League shall not discriminate against any person or organization on the basis of age, sex, race, color, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or political or religious opinion or affiliation in any of its policies, procedures or practices. Notwithstanding the above, this League may institute rules in accordance with the USSF bylaws and policies regarding gender-specific competitions. 


502. Indemnification.

This League shall indemnify its directors, trustees and officers to the fullest extent permitted under all relevant state and federal laws including the payment of related legal expenses.


503. Exoneration.

To the fullest extent permitted by relevant state or federal laws, no director, trustee or officer of this League shall be personally liable to the League or its members for money damages. Board members shall not be automatically exonerated in the case of intentional misconduct. No amendment of the Articles of Incorporation or repeal of any of its provisions shall limit or eliminate the benefits provided to directors and officers under this provision with respect to any act or omission which occurred prior to such amendment or repeal.


504. Fiscal Year.

The fiscal year of this League shall be from July 1st to June 30th.


505. Exclusive Remedy

No league, club, team, player, coach or referee may invoke the aid of the Courts in any State or the United States without first exhausting all available remedies within the appropriate soccer organization, including a final appeal to the USSF Board of Directors. For violation of this rule, the offending party shall be subject to the sanctions of suspension and fines, and shall be liable to this League for all expenses incurred by this League and its officers in defending each Court action, including but not limited to the following:

1) Court costs;

2) attorney's fees; 

3) reasonable compensation for time spent by this League’s officials in responding to and defending against allegations in the action, including responses to discovery and court appearances;

4) travel expenses; and  

5) expenses for holding special general Council meetings necessitated by the Court action.





601. Arbitration. 

With the exception of an allegation of referee assault, any alleged violations of the playing rules shall be determined by a neutral Arbitration Board, which shall have the power to penalize club or individual club members or players. Penalties may consist of fines, warnings, loss of points, temporary or permanent exclusion from the activities of this League or closing of the playing field.


602. Referee Assault. 

Any instances of referee assault shall be referred to and handled by the state association in whose geography the assault occurred. 


603. Appeals. 

Any appeal from a decision of this League or the Arbitration Board of this League shall be to the state association where the appealing player or club is registered. The time period for the filing of said appeal shall be determined by the respective state association.





701. Proposals.

Proposed amendments to the Bylaws must be submitted in writing or by electronic mail to the Secretary of this League no later than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting or a special meeting called expressly for this purpose. 


702. Voting.

Amendments to the Bylaws shall be made only at the Annual General Meeting or a special meeting called expressly for this purpose by a two-third (2/3) majority of the votes cast.


703. Notification.

Each member club and all members of the General Council shall be given at least fourteen (14) days’ notice of any proposed amendments to the Bylaws and shall be advised within thirty (30) days of any successful amendment. 


704. Restriction on Amendments.

No amendments shall be made to these Bylaws, which alter the rights of or agreements with any feeder league without the consent of that league. 





801. Rules Mutually Binding.

These rules are binding upon all member clubs of this League, by mutual agreement.



These bylaws were adopted by the Executive Board of the Eastern Premier Soccer League, Inc. at a meeting held on June 16, 2020.


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