Club Standards

Home Ground Standards:

  • All clubs must provide the league office with the name and location of their home ground prior to the start of the season. The league office may request a copy of a permit or other proof of control of the field.
  • All fields must be of a minimum dimension of 110 by 65 yards and must be enclosed to prevent access to non players or club officials.
  • All fields must have team and coaches/managers benches. Only rostered players and coaches and managers may have access to the field and benches.
  • All fields must have restroom facilities at or near the field.
  • Under extraordinary circumstances, the league may waive any of the above rules and allow matches to be played at a field that meets the minimum FIFA standards. 

Match Day Standards:

  • The home club shall be responsible for visible, correct and clear markings of the playing field; properly secured goal nets; the providing of match balls; and the placement of corner flags. If a home club fails to have the field properly marked, have proper goal nets, have match balls and have corner flags placed after the referee has given the team the necessary time, the club may be punished by losing the match, fined, or both at the determination of the Arbitration Board.
  • The home club shall be responsible to have a medical kit and physio at all scheduled matches.
  • Both competing clubs shall have a coach present with a minimum "D" coaching license.

Social Media Standards:

  • All clubs must have an active website and social media presence.
  • All clubs must adhere to the social media policy of this League and any state association with which they are affiliated. 
  • No club or club official shall publish or posts any comments disparaging to the League on any social media platform.

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