Philadelphia, PA - The Eastern Premier Soccer League (EPSL) are proud to announce the establishment of the Delaware River Conference. This new conference will kick off in Fall 2021 with 4 founding clubs, all of which with strong histories and community support in the grassroots soccer community. The founding clubs are all located within 40 miles of each other, allowing for easy travel, and guaranteed competitive matchups. The EPSL are expanding on an amazing first season which saw some of the best quality non-professional soccer played in the United States. EPSL clubs, across the 3 existing conferences in 2020-21, performed especially well in inter-league competitions such at the National Amateur Cup, National Fricker Cup, and the NISA Indpendent Cup, with a record of 18 wins, 2 losses, and 3 draws against teams from local state leagues, NPSL, USL-2, UPSL, and NISA.

The Delaware River Conference will play a split season format, with a home & away round robin format this Fall 2021, before reconvening in the Spring of 2022 with more clubs who will by then have joined the EPSL during the winter. The champions of each season will compete in a playoff for the EPSL interconference playoffs. Details on each of the founding clubs will be released later today and later this week. The board at the EPSL are excited to see the league continue to grow, and are looking forward to kicking off the new season in early September!