The Eastern Premier Soccer League are excited to announce that Suffolk County Football Club will join the league and compete in the Metropolitan Conference at the start of the 2022-23 season. Suffolk will become the first EPSL club to be based out of Eastern Long Island. Between Suffolk and the recent partnership with the Long Island Soccer Football League (LISFL), EPSL will have consolidated their reach across the entire NYC Metropolitan Area. The Metropolitan Conference are re-expanding their number of clubs from 10 in 2021-22. Every conference of the EPSL has the intention to expand to 12 clubs each in the long term.


  Suffolk County Football Club is a nonprofit organization built to excel at the semi-professional level. The club was created by players who saw the flaws in US Soccer. We look to fix these flaws by giving players a low cost, highly competitive environment, with the hopes of bringing both domestic and international exposure at the next level. 


After one year as a club, Suffolk placed 3rd and 4th in both of their UPSL seasons respectively. With an overall record of 13-2-5, one semi-final appearance, and one quarterfinal appearance. They ranked #3 in the UPSL Northeast region, for two consecutive seasons.


“Suffolk County FC is excited to join a competitive league full of experienced teams, from coaching staff to players. EPSL platform is known to host high level play, where our young players can develop real experience. We look forward to competing with the top teams in the region year-round. Suffolk County FC staff, players, and fans are honored to accept this challenge,” said club president Carlos Beltran.


Look out for the schedule release, to be announced later in the summer.