The Eastern Premier Soccer League are proud to welcome Hoboken FC 1912 to the Metropolitan Conference for the 2022-23 season. They became the first champion of an official feeder league to earn and accept promotion into the EPSL. Hoboken recently won the 2021-22 Cosmopolitan Soccer League title, their first since 1984-85, after a lengthy and tight 4-way title race that could only be resolved in the final 2 weeks of the season. Hoboken FC is one of the oldest continuously operating soccer clubs in the United States, predating the CSL, with working class German American origins, and being the home club of US Soccer & US Amateur Soccer legend Fritz Marth, for whom the National Amateur Cup is currently named after.





Statement from General Manager Mikhail Attong:




“Established in 1912, we’re proud of our rich history of playing competitively for 110 consecutive years. As one of the oldest clubs in the country, our members are deeply proud of our history and traditions as a true grass roots football club. The club has provided a platform for members to enjoy this beautiful game for decades and I’m thankful to be part of this culture highlighted by strong friendships, commitment, and camaraderie.

As a founding member of the Cosmopolitan League, it’s an honor to win the Division I title in our 99th league season and for the first time in a generation, with our only previous Division I title occurring in the 1984-1985 season. We’ve previously won Division II First and Reserve titles, and it was a special moment for our club members and players to lift the title this year. We were unfortunately to fall in the final of NJ State Cup this year, a tournament that is important to us, but look forward to the chance next year to add to our previous wins, with the first occurring in 1942 and most recently in 2012. We're a growing club and I'm truly excited for our future.”







Statement from Head Coach Steve Korfiatis:




“We're proud to accept promotion to the EPSL, which means competing with some of the very best amateur sides in the nation.  The staff put a plan into place two seasons ago to get the first team to this level, and the club as a collective has been preparing by building the right infrastructure to not only the allow the EPSL side to become more competitive but continue to expand the club and all its teams in a sustainable way. 

In the end football is all about results and we aim to be a side that is not to be taken lightly. The players have a lot of desire to show they can compete at the highest level, and we believe they have the ability, and personality to achieve their goals. We are also looking forward to bringing in some new and exciting talent to the squad.


HFC is an extremely special club.  It not only has a deep and unique history, but a very bright future.  Everyone around the club carries certain principles like hard work, commitment, respect, and family, and we're confident the players will represent the badge proudly next season.”


Hoboken becomes the first champion to be promoted to the EPSL, but second overall since 2021. Manahttan Celtic FC, the runner-up in 2020-21 CSL season, accepted the invite for promotion into the EPSL after 2020-21 CSL Champions NY Shamrock SC turned down their invitation. The Eastern Premier Soccer League is committed to developing merit-based competitions, recently partnering with the Long Island Soccer Football League (LISFL), and the CASA Soccer League in Philadelphia. While 2 clubs now have been promoted in the EPSL, 2 clubs have also been relegated back into their feeder leagues. Currently all the current conferences have a goal of expanding to 12 clubs per conference, and every club must commit to a feeder league for the possibility if they ever get relegated. Once every conference fills out at 12 clubs, and all partnered feeder leagues are in place, a complete system of promotion / relegation will be functioning across the entire league. The EPSL are excited to be among the pioneers of a merit-based system in the USA and invite any club with grassroots ambitions to join the movement.



Look out for the league schedule, to be announced later in the summer.